Vacuum panel Holding Bar

Spraymation now offers a Vacuum Panel Holder bar.

The new Vacuum panel holder sticks to the existing magnet bars on any standard  Spraymation machine.

Each bar has 23 positions for suction cups on 1 inch centers (25mm).  Unused positions are blocked with a screw.  Suction cup spacing can be set up to accommodate any panel size or 3 dimensional test target.  Typically 8 suction cups are used.  The  vacuum securely holds the target in place while still allows positional adjustments.  The vacuum system works with steel, aluminum, plastic or even paper targets.

The vacuum is generated but a small venturi device that operated on 70PSI (5 Bar) of compressed air.

Individual bars can be ordered or a complete 3 bar system can be ordered as 311415-3.

Video of  a 311415-3 Vacuum Panel Holder
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More Video about  a 311415-3 Vacuum Panel Holder, foiling and electrostatic operations.
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