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In the past months, many changes and improvements have been made to the 388000 Series Stainless Steel pneumatically powered pumps. 

These photos spotlight the 388500 series of 50:1 pumps.  The same improvements are available for the 20:1 and 5:1 series of pumps.

Each series of pump is available as a wall mount (shown) 55 gallon drum mount with optional pump lift, 5 gallon pail mount and as a basic pump.

Here are some photos and brief notes about the improvements



All pump versions have had several changes made for simpler mounting and installation.


  • Improved fluid section and packing for longer service life
  • New pneumatic input components added
  • Easy mount Dump valve assembly
  • Easy return of dumped adhesive to original tote during lock-outs.
  • New exhaust muffler to reduce sound levels as the pump reverses.



Improved fluid section and packing for longer service life.


Several refinements in the packing area have been made including clear covers so the packing can be quickly inspected..

Upgrade kit 388252 adds these changes to old pumps.


The main inline fluid filter is still mounted out front for easy service.



New pneumatic input components added.


A modular lockout/exhausting valve with regulator and oiler are available.  They easily mount on a wall and are compact.



Easy mount Dump Valve assembly


A mounting adapter behind the dump valve allows 2 screw mounting.

The assembly consists of the automatic dump valve that discharges fluid pressure at the pump output when the pump is stopped and a redundant manual valve for absolute zero pressure lock out operation.


Fluid Dump Return kit for returning adhesive to original tote when zero pressure and lock out is required.

What to do with the adhesive exhausted by the automatic and manual dump valves is always an issue.  This collection of fittings and hoses sized to the specific pump that returns this good clean adhesive to the pump inlet.  The siphon hose that connects the pump to the glue supply allows this discharged material to flow back into the original container.

Try 3 pump only.jpg

These components are designed for wall mounting but they can be packed in a frame to make a module. 

The idea is the pump and everything related to it is in a rectangular cage or box.  A few connections and a complete new pumping system can be moved in.  Then the old one can go back to the shop for repair away from the production environment.

The pump shown here has everything including pressure switches, and pressure transducers.  It is 40 inches high X 14 inches wide X 12 inches deep.



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