Pattern Controllers

Spraymation 3480 Pattern Controller


Totally Independent operation of up to four applicators.

Input by passive contacts, DC voltage, photocell or open collectors.

Output in real time with 0.1 milliseconds resolution.

Output in linear distance with 0.01 inch or 0.1 mm resolution.

Outputs can be Stitched to conserve adhesive.

Each output can be configured differently.

One touch entry to immediately select 26 sets of memorized programs.

Fine tuning adjustments are easily made in real time.

Run Up Control to provide a constant amount of adhesive at any speed.

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3400 Series DC Timers (Pattern Controllers)

The new timer is the first component in the 3400 series DC Timer (Pattern Controller).  They feature keypad programming and numeric display of all settings.  Click here for more details and instructions



Special Controls are regularly made. This unit has a Stainless Steel enclosure and utilizes standard DIN temperature controllers.

The modular elements of Spraymation's timing allow for custom designs for specific applications. Control units can be constructed to comply with specific user electrical and safety standards;

The delays in having controls CE marked have caused some customers to order equipment that is built from compliant parts, designed and wired to be compliant. Then they incorporate the Spraymation components in to their system and CE declaration of compliance.

CE compliance is one of our current concerns and we are actively working on compliant solutions.




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Gun Conversion Kits

Gun conversion kits allow the use of a Spraymation ELECTROMATIC applicator on a competitive hot melt system.

The ELECTROMATIC applicator, being a direct electromagnetic design needs more power than an air operated applicator. A DC Gun Driver is required to actuate the applicator.

The signal previously used to control the air solenoid valve actuates the DC Gun Driver. Adapters are available to connect the 1/2-20 JIC fluid fitting of the ELECTROMATIC applicator to competitive hoses. Various RTD temperature sensors are available to use temperature controls in the competitive tank unit.



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