Automatic Test Panel Spray Machines

Large Screen Display Option

The 310940 series Automatic Test Panel machines now have an optional large screen. The large screen can display 25 line of 80 characters each. This allows having a full script segment displayed at one time. When menus are display all selections are displayed.

It also allows the comment data previously only seen in the Serial Communication Option to be displayed on the screen when a script is recalled for editing or painting. This comment can contain setup data particular to this script.

When the Large Display Option is included, other new options can be added. A real time flow monitor display is one. Another is a LOG that records when scripts are run and pertinent data about the operation. The data is retrieved using the serial communications option and is then loaded into a spreadsheet.


The following photos of various screens show typical Large Screen Display data.

The Main Menu shows all of the sub menus at on time. The up and down buttons move the selection arrow to a specific menu item. When the YES button is depressed that function or menu will begin.
The RECALL SCRIPT function lists 10 script names at a time. The UP and DOWN buttons can be used to get other pages of script names and to select the scrip to use. The CHANGE DATA knob may also be used to select a script name. When the desired name has the selection arrow next to it, depress YES to load it into the WORK script.
Use the DOWN arrow button in the MAIN MENU to select the EDIT SCRIPT function. Simply depress YES to start the function.
Each script begins with a COMMENT page. This is the comment page from scripts created on a personal computer and sent to the machine using the serial communications option.

It is possible to enter or edit the comment screen data using the keys on the machine, which may be difficult for a long comment. Use of the personal computer and serial communications is recommended if this Large Screen option is selected.

Typically this screen will contain data about the purpose of this test script and spray gun setup for this test.

Continuing the editing process of the script, each segment is displayed with all settings shown.

The UP and DOWN arrow buttons are used to select the various settings in the Segment.

Data is changed using the same procedure as o other 310940 Series machines. The CHANGE button is depressed and the setting is changed using the CHANGE DATA knob. When the correct value is displayed it is saved by depressing ENTER.

When the selector is moved past the first or last item the program will inquire about additional segments of script data

To paint panels, select AUTOMATIC PAINTING from the MAIN MENU.

The first screen Identifies the selected script.

If the LOG option has been added to the machine, log information may be entered. The log option records the scripts and when they were run. Other operational details are recorded in the log when the painting is complete.

Next the COMMENT data will be displayed for the operator. Often this will contain information on setting up the spray gun.
Next the operator is given the option to fill the spray gun. This allows paint lines and the spray gun to be filled before the first stroke.
Pressures may be adjusted during manual gun fill operations. The spray gun may be triggered as required.
With the large screen more data can be displayed during the painting operation. The setting for the current segment are displayed. Real time paint flow data can be displayed if the flow option is added to the machine.
Diagnostics are an important part of this machine. There are diagnostics for all area of the machine. These diagnostics allow the operator to find a problem and identify it before maintenance is called. Then when the maintenance person arrives the problem is known and repair simplified.


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