360100 Series

Reciprocators for Painting


SPRAYMATION Series 360100 Vertical Reciprocators, bring to production and laboratory users, the first major advance in many years. It provides high speed trouble free vertical motion to various types of spray equipment.

There have been few changes in the mechanical design of vertical reciprocators, since SPRAYMATION sold their first unit almost thirty years ago. Light duty reciprocators used in many applications require constant maintenance, are unable to provide uniform speeds on up and down strokes and cannot withstand the heavy loads of present day spray equipment.

This series incorporates a heavy duty structurally supported framework, easily removable panels locked in place, oversized explosion proof motors, heavy duty ball bearing carriages, and more.

The more significant advantages are in the versatility of the control system. Using techniques from Spraymation Test Panel Spray Units, and Adhesive Application Equipment, the safe and reliable controls can be mounted remotely, or at the work area. Operator use is simplified with the ease in the immediate selection of speed and spray distances. These parameters and carriage location can be viewed on a constantly updated digital display. Speed and accuracy are maintained within tolerances not previously attainable with production type equipment.

A further advantage is that the system can interface with a personal computer, permitting records of operation, or preprogramming for various production runs. It can also interface with user controls to provide automatic changes as the product changes.

Let SPRAYMATION provide a proposal on a model to meet your specific needs. The advantages and performance obtainable from the series will justify your rapidly amortized investment.


The carriage carrying the spray equipment reciprocates vertically, when the cycle start is depressed.

From precision potentiometers on the control cabinet, the operator selects:




These settings and carriage position are displayed on large bright read-outs.

The speed will be maintained on up and down strokes, with a 50 lb. Load maximum speed within 2% of the selected setting.

Various test functions are available at the control cabinet.

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