New Low Cost XY Automatic Test Panel Machines

Spraymationís new S3 Vertical Reciprocator System has a programmable in/out motion device.  With these proven standard non servo components everything  is finally ready for a reasonable cost XY style machineClick here for more information


Traditional XY Automatic Test Panel Machines

Spraymation, the leading manufacturer of Automatic Test Panel Spray Machines, is designing a new machine for the new generation of precision coatings.

These machine will be capable of performing all of the operations all of Spraymation previous machines have done for the past 40 years.  Additionally these machines will be able to do the work of a much larger reciprocator and target mover combination.  With the true 2 axis motion of the spray gun this machine can also do a vertical square wave pattern that closely simulates robotic applications.
The computer controls will have analog and digital ports to interface paint pumps, pressure transducers, power supplies and all of the other equipment needed for a modern spray booth.
Tool change options are available.

Preliminary Specifications are available now.  these machines are extremely modular and easy to configure to any users application.  (8/3/2004)

If you have an application for this type of machine contact David Kerzel, or call 1 800 327 4985

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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