Fluid Flow Controls

Spraymation has Fluid Flow Controls for use in Industrial applications and for use with our Automatic Test Panel Machines

Flow controls based on a flow transducer and fluid regulator or based on precision metering pumps are available now.  

All Spraymation flow controls are capable of operating with short atomizer trigger times (1/4 second) required by the short rapid passes of our Automatic Test Panel machines.  Most flow controls require several seconds of flow for the fluid to stabilize to the set point.  Our high speed systems adjust the flow 20 to 40 times a second giving fast response and accurate control.  When used with new Automatic test panel Machines, the operating parameters are entered directly into the painting script and the fluid control happens with no other operator intervention.

Systems based on a pressurized fluid source, flow transducer and fluid regulator minimize the amount of paint required to fill the system and allow for quick clean up cycles.

More complex metering pumps can also be provided.  These systems can include color changers with multiple pumps, ratio mixing for two component fluids, and automatic cleaning cycles.

Stand alone systems can be configured for your specific painting application.  They utilize computer control and can store mixing information and will record totals dispensed for environmental reports.


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