Spraymation S3 XY System

For several years, There has been a lot of talk in the industry about XY machines for painting test panels.  These machines have a fast vertical axis and a slow or indexing horizontal axis to move the atomizer and coat a stationary target.  Many users believe this type of motion better simulates actual production painting.

Spraymation has designed this type of machine in the past, but the linear motion components and explosion proof servo motors required pushed the cost out of sight. 

Spraymation�s new S3 Vertical Reciprocator System has a programmable in/out motion device.  With these proven standard non servo components everything  is finally ready for a reasonable cost XY style machine.  The machine in the photo and video is a machine originally designed for in/out operation, the modular design allows for quick functional changes, and a true XY machine would have the reciprocator turned 90 degrees so the narrow cross section faces the target panels and minimizes air flow disturbances. 

This machine has 2 basic modes of operation, Square Wave or �H� patterns and Triangle Wave or �W� patterns.  Click on the video links below to see the machine in motion.

Square Wave or �H� Pattern Video

Triangle Wave or   �W� Pattern Video

The controls are very similar to those on a modern Spraymation Automatic test panel machine.  Programming is done from a Personal Computer using a network connection.

As always, our systems have been optimized for the short spray cycles that occur with these machines and the high accuracy needed and there is no cost penalty for this speed.  All options for standard panel machines are available for these machines.


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