Air Dispersed Applicators

ELECTROMATIC XIX Automatic Applicator

The air dispersed method of applying hot melt adhesive consists of extruding a solid stream of material into impinging air patterns. The impinging air patterns cause the material to "rotate" with a spiraling effect with the end result being interlocking, circular type patterns being applied. The width of the pattern, typically " to 1" wide, is controlled by a combination of fluid and air pressure, as well as distance of the applicator from the substrate. When patterns beyond 1" wide are designed, multiple applicator heads will be required if a clean edge is required.

ELECTROMATIC XII Handgun Applicator

Such guns are designed to apply a "filament type cone shaped, spray pattern" (refer to sketch of typical pattern shown on literature SL318) which will usually range from " to 1" wide, with the actual width obtained dependent on a number of variables including characteristics of actual material dispensed, application temperatures, heated air supply temperatures, distance from and actual speed of substrate, operating fluid and air dispersing pressures, etc., and it is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately determine the pattern capabilities of the gun without running actual tests.

The majority of applications, particularly where close control of the applied pattern is desired, will also require a supply of heated air for "dispersing" purposes which can be accomplished by utilizing a Heated Air Supply Unit which generally is suitable for the operation of up to two ELECTROMATIC Air Dispersed Applicator Heads. It is possible to dispense a "sprayed" pattern using "cold" dispersing air, but a marked improvement will be evident if a heated air supply is used.

Standard models are supplied with a "universal" fluid tip and air cap, which has been proven to be suitable for the majority of applications. However, when required, modifications can be made to such components resulting in different patterns. Multiple outlet applicator heads are available to apply wider patterns, such as might be required in various disposable applications. Multiple outlet applicator heads will be quoted upon receipt of all application requirements. All models are fitted with heaters and RTD temperature sensors, which are compatible with standard SPRAYMATION THERMOPULSE Hot Melt Systems and/or gun conversion kits, with electrical connections made via an included electrical socket.

It is important to note that pattern variations may occur based on the material being used, and that the only way to satisfactorily determine equipment, application and material compatibility is through testing with experimentation carried out as to fluid and air pressures and temperatures.

ELECTROMATIC XIX, 26 outlet, Air Dispersed Automatic Applicator

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