3900 Series Hot Melt Systems

The Model 3900 Series THERMOPULSE Hot Melt System includes a 5 gallon (40 lbs.) capacity "melt-on demand" reservoir and a positive displacement, DC motor driven gear pump. Constant pressure is guaranteed to within +/- 5%, and is assured via a closed-loop electronic control system with pressure transducer. This system controls the desired operating pressure.

An optional shaft encoder can be fitted, which will allow the pump pressure to change in conjunction with product speed. This makes the amount dispensed remain the same even when product speeds change.

For precise temperature control to +/- 1F, a microprocessor-based Microtemp Temperature Controller is supplied to monitor and control all heating zones. RTD sensors are used in conjunction with the electronic controls to monitor temperatures in each zone of the system, including each gun, hose, tank, and pump/manifold area. Common LED digital read out is provided as part of the Microtemp Display/Keypad, with user functions and features as follows:

SCAN: Displays the actual measured temperature of each area in the system by scanning through the zones and displaying the temperature of each area for three seconds.

MONITOR: Allows continuous monitoring of the actual temperature of any zone selected.

CHANGE: Used in conjunction with the ENTER function to input new temperature settings.

LIMIT: Allows an acceptable range above and below the actual set point of any given zone to be set. If actual temperature is above or below such limits, the display will signify such condition to the operator.

TROUBLE: When selected, will indicate any zone not operating correctly due to conditions such as an open RTD sensor, shorted sensor, etc..

SETBACK: Allow all zone set point temperatures to be individually lowered when the system will not be run for an indefinite period of time, but when the user does not wish to completely turn off power to the unit.

PRESSURE DISPLAY: An adjustable potentiometer is provided for use with the included SCR motor controller for setting of the pump output pressure, with actual pressure shown on the included LED display.

Temperature Controls

Heated Hoses

Pattern Controllers

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