High Pressure Equipment

Fluid pressures to 2500 PSI for 50:1 models and 1600 PSI for 20:1 models:


These pumps have been improved for longer life, simpler mounting, lockout and zero energy features.

Spraymation Rebuilds Pumps

New options are availible for high viscosity fluids.  These include a larger suction hose and a new filter with larger fluid ports

Standard stainless steel, air operated, pumping systems are designed for use with ELECTROMATIC XV and XXV Automatic Airless Spray Extrusion Applicator Heads for applying cold adhesives and other similar fluids for applications in packaging, disposable manufacture, paper converting, assembly operations, and other applications where automatic or semi-automatic control of dispensing of such material is required. Two basic types of pumping systems can be supplied and each type is available in one of two pumping ratios ("Inlet air pressure to fluid outlet pressure" ratio) including 50:1 (388500 Series), and 20:1 (388800 Series).

All pumping systems include high pressure output filter, inlet suction filter, all necessary air regulator equipment, and all wetted parts of stainless steel construction. 55 gallon and 5 gallon models include stainless steel drum/pail cover, while wall mounted version includes mounting bracket, siphon hose, and siphon tube for use in user's container. Maximum fluid pressure is 2500 PSI for 50:1 models and 1000 PSI for 20:1 models. Typical maximum delivery of pump (dependent on material used) is 1.0 gallons per minute for 50:1 ratio, and 2.0 gallons per minute for 20:1 ratio. In most cases, 10-80 PSI plant compressed air is required for operation of pump. Various modifications can be supplied to meet a user's individual requirements including fluid hoses, applicator heads, etc..


Cold Fluid Hoses Pattern Controllers

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