1970 Series Hot Melt Systems

The newly redesigned 1970 Series THERMOPULSE Hot Melt Systems consists of a 2.5 gallon   (20 lbs.) heated reservoir, with a DC motor driven positive displacement gear pump. The speed of the gear pump drive motor is controlled by an adjustable potentiometer, thereby increasing or decreasing pump output as required. The system is suitable for use with up to four (4) ELECTROMATIC applicator heads with externally heated hoses.

Each gun, hose and tank/pump area of the system includes an RTD temperature sensor, which is used in conjunction with the system temperature controllers. The controllers are adjustable over a range of 100 to 450F. An externally visible digital read-out is provided to monitor/set each zone, and a "Scan" mode is supplied, which automatically scans through each zone, continuously displaying zone temperatures.

THERMOPULSE Systems are shipped complete, and ready for use with only minor assembly needed; however, mounting of the ELECTROMATIC Heads to the parent machine is the responsibility of the user. A source of 240 VAC/50-60 Hz/1 phase power (30 amp circuit) for operation of the system, is also required. Additionally, a source of 120 VAC is required for operation of the ELECTROMATIC Applicator Heads and/or DC Pattern Control Unit.


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