S4 Series 311440

 Spraymation's new Test Panel machines just for bells.

This is the newest addition to the Panel machine is a new design just designed for large bell atomizers.  It is based on our proven design but with improve access to the panels and the atomizers.

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360241 S3H

Spraymation's new Horizontal Reciprocators with a Lance option.

This is the newest addition to the S3 line of reciprocators.  It is based on our traditional steel design with steel wheels and chain drive but has been made more modular for easy customizing and takes advantage of out advanced reciprocator controls.  The motor can run forwards or reverse depending on what gives the shortest spray cycle.  The version with a Lance is intended for coating the inside of pipes or tubes.

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Vacuum panel Holding Bar for Panel Machines

The new Vacuum panel holder sticks to the existing magnet bars on any standard  Spraymation panel machine.

Each bar has 23 positions for suction cups on 1 inch centers (25mm).  Suction cup spacing can be set up to accommodate any panel size or 3 dimensional test target.  The vacuum system works with steel, aluminum, plastic or even paper targets.

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China distributor.

Our distributor in China, Beijing ZRX Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd, has focused on the Compuspray product line for several years.  Now  they are branching into the adhesive dispensing applications.  We just completed product training and they are ready to help.

  Zhong wei
  Sales Manager
  Beijing ZRX Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd
  Cell: 133 111 888 20
  Phone: 8610-8448 3578

  Fax : 8610-8451 3038
  E-mail: zw_xyh@163.com or zw_xyh@hotmail.com


Spraymation Pump Improvements.


Stainless steel pumps have been improved. 

  • New large suction hose parts for  >12,000cPs in 2012

  • New larger filter and hoses for  >12,000cPs in 2012

  • Improved fluid section and packing for longer service life
  • New pneumatic input components added
  • Easy mount Dump valve assembly
  • Plumbing kit for return of Dumped adhesive to original tote.
  • New exhaust muffler to reduce sound levels as the pump reverses.
  • Pumps are now all CE marked.

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Hazardous Energy and Lock Out for Adhesive Systems.

OSHA requires lockout and / or tagout procedures for the control of a hazardous energy source during maintenance as do other safety standards such as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for CE compliance in Europe.  For the packaging and converting industries, there is ANSI/PMMI B155.1:2006 Safety Requirements for Packaging Machinery and Packaging-Related Converting Machinery.

These standards address design, practices and procedures that are necessary to disable and release potentially hazardous energy while maintenance and servicing activities are being performed.  Spraymation has modules ready to make compliance easy.
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New Metering Systems for Fluids!

Spraymation is pleased to announce we have a significant improvement for metering difficult low flow or low dosage fluids.  It has higher up time and accuracy over old fashion pressure based fluid dispensing systems.  It utilizes a magnetically coupled Precision stainless steel metering pump with no seals to leak
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New Fixed Stroke Vertical Reciprocators!

Spraymation has shipped the first fixed stroke version of our new generation of vertical reciprocators for industrial painting.  The new units use vector driven motors and have full digital controls.  The mechanically reversing fixed stroke design gives these models maximum at speed painting stroke for a specific machine height.  They are much small than previous units while continuing Spraymation's robust construction and long service life.
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New Cold, Air Operated Dispensing valves!

Spraymation has added several new air operated applicators for extruding and spraying.
The new applicators have larger orifice sizes .25 inch and .125 inch for high flow rates and high viscosities.
As always they are high speed devices suitable for precision applications of difficult materials
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